Q&A With Social Media Influencer And Music Artist Diydan Lopez

Photo credit: OfficialDiydan Instagram

I recently caught up with Social Media Influencer and singer Diydan Lopez who is not only blessed with good looks and talent, but also happens to be a pretty awesome and humble guy as well. He is currently in the midst of re-launching his YouTube channel where we can expect to see some more amazing covers — as well as some other projects he has in the works. Diydan also shared some of his tips and advice on staying sane and healthy during this time — as well as some of his favorite artists. Here’s what he had to share:

Hey Diydan! First of all, let’s talk about your background and how your introduction to music all started — you have an amazing voice! Did you come across any challenges that you feel have made you stronger/more determined to keep moving forward?

I think from the moment I could talk, I knew that I wanted to entertain in some way shape or form. God gives us talents but life gives us setbacks that we have to overcome. Growing up, I didn’t have the best self-esteem and I was a huge perfectionist. These are some of the things that I still battle with to this day and I try to beat, just to get things done.

Who were some of your influences growing up? I already know one of them, because that’s how you and I originally met in the first place –Mariah Carey! Haha :)

Mariah is incredible! She is a singer’s singer, with one of the best gifts and portfolios that I’ve ever heard. I could go on and on about her! I also love some Usher and Chris Brown — they are amazing and staples in the world of R&B!

You were also a semi-finalist on the Simon Cowell and Ricky Martin produced reality TV talent show La Banda’ on Univision. How was that experience for you and what was one of your fondest moments from the show?

That experience was one that I will never forget. It was honestly the first time that I ever performed/showcased my talent on a level like that. I got to experience the actual “industry” for the first time and made connections and friendships that have still lasted to this day.

Photo Credit: La Banda, Univision

Over the past few years, you have become quite a sensation on social media with your amazing covers on your YouTube channel (which I know you are also getting ready to relaunch). Is that something you decided to build on more, after being on a platform like La Banda?

Absolutely. Music will always be a part of what I do, someway — somehow and will continue to remain a passion and focus of mine. I definitely plan on releasing more covers soon.

As a Social Media Influencer, you have around 125K followers on Instagram and over 1.2 Million viewers on your TikTok channel. That is pretty incredible, how do you keep up with it all?

I’m living for all of this right now! Social media is a pretty dope tool when you want it to be, right? I think it’s amazing that you’re able to show the world what you do and forge bonds with people you wouldn’t be able to, without the platform.

You also model and post tutorials on your YouTube channel about different products while giving out style tips to others. When did the social media/modeling stuff really start to take off for you?

Brands started reaching out to me to model their clothing and review their products, after I was on TV. I’ve always been SO interested in grooming and style. I think it’s a big part of who I am — so I love educating people out there and helping them to look and feel their best.

Getting back to Mariah Carey again and your famous quote that went viral “Mariah Carey is my favorite holiday” — Aside from her Christmas album, what are some of your favorite songs/albums of hers? Also what is it about her that inspires you the most?

There are too many, this woman’s discography is ridiculously incredible! There’s something I love from every single album — however, I stan Emotions, Dreamlover, Fantasy Remix, Honey, We Belong Together and A No No! Besides her insane vocal ability, it’s amazing how she writes all/or most of her own songs — and has been able to stay on top of the music industry for 30 years by adapting to the sound beautifully through each era.

It’s great to see how you have stayed active during the pandemic, doing shoots etc — and how you are always posting positive stuff on your social media. I think that’s so necessary, especially during these times!

Positivity is huge for me because there is so much negativity out there, why add more?! I am constantly posting inspirational things not just for everyone else, but also as a reminder for myself.

Photo credit: OfficialDiydan Instagram

What do you like to do in your down time and what are your go-to tips for keeping yourself healthy/sane during these times?

I love going for walks and runs (always to music of course). I think that they’re great for clearing your mind and bumping off a few extra calories — so why not! I’m also into figuring out how to make healthier meals! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring, there’s so many creative things you can make out there!

What type of projects do you have in the works and /filming locations?

Of course the relaunch of my YouTube channel is happening and I ran everything myself so it’s a lot of work, haha. I can’t say much about this subject but I have been in talks with possibly doing some more TV — which is pretty exciting! (:

Can we expect a single from you in the near future? Also, what would your dream collaboration be (artist and producer wise)?

I would absolutely love to put out original songs in the near future! Collaboration?! This is a tough one! Of course if I ever had the opportunity to be featured on a Chris Brown, Usher and Mariah Carey song I would gladly take it hahaha. I also wouldn’t mind going the Latin route, as I’m Latino and working with the likes of Maluma, who I think is so sick!

Since you have mentioned on your social media stories that you are single — for all the fans out there, what are some of the things you look for when finding a future girlfriend?

I am HELLA single, haha! Right now I’m really just having fun and playing the field. There’s so many cool people out there (and definitely some interesting ones too, to say the least). But of course, it would be great if she is someone who is humble, honest and has a sense of humor — that doesn’t take life too seriously. Also someone who loves themselves and is capable of loving others.

Lastly, what is your best piece of advice to others wanting to follow their dreams and to not give up?

Perseverance, persistence and always opening the door when opportunity knocks — that is the first step!

Thanks again Diydan!

Thanks Amber, this was fun (:

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