Singer and Songwriter From Hong Kong ‘Cehryl’

Cehryl is not just a singer from Hong Kong. She is a fabulously creative singer/songwriter from Hong Kong. Her music and her voice somehow have crossed the line from simple artistry into the realm of magical dimensions. She creates moods for her listeners to comfortably tumble into and float on as they melt into her very original sounds and lyrics.

Cehryl was born and raised in Hong Kong, which many westerners feel has a slightly magical aura. She leaned toward music at an early age and was brought up on the piano. She studied classical music but once she got her hands on a guitar, any thoughts of being a classical pianist vanished quickly. She knew immediately that she wanted to be a songwriter.

Now, of course, just like when she was younger, pretty much all she thinks about is music and her songs demonstrate just how powerful that kind of focus can be. She is living proof that if you set your mind to something it can be achieved. All it takes is hard work, focus and in Cehryl ’s case, overwhelming talent and a drive to succeed. She has made some excellent music and written some beautiful and quite poetic songs. She has also taken the road less traveled, so to speak, by doing everything her way. She could have done covers like so many musicians do, but she chose to be an artist, and not be part of a cheap hotel band playing the same songs everyone’s heard their whole life.

Cehryl actually does do everything herself: she writes the music and lyrics, records, mixes, produces and is also the engineer on her projects. After graduating from the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Cehryl released her EP Wherever It May Be, which got great reviews. Her song “Side Effects” has landed on multiple significant music publications and Spotify charts. She calls it her most coherent project to date. She has been the supporting act for Raveena at the Moroccan Lounge as well as supporting performer for Ravyn Lenae at the New Parish. She also performed as vocalist at Wayhome Festival in Toronto and at Echo Park Rising Festival.

Cehryl has also released a few singles after the Wherever It May Be EP — “Half the Time” and “Home Video”. The music video of “Half the Time” was co-directed and edited by her, as well. It can be viewed below:

Cehryl is currently producing her first full-length album and all the songs in it will be written and recorded by her. It should be completed early next year.

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