Singer And Songwriter Bohdi Takes To The World Stage

“The world is still a beautiful place, despite the uncertain times we live in.” That is a quote from Bohdi, the beautiful and exquisitely talented singer songwriter from across the pond. The big pond, that is. She was born in England and has lived in both South Africa and the UK. She, like other true thinking, feeling and highly creative artists, sees the beauty of the world we live in no matter what they have to go through to enjoy it.

When she was a teenager her parents fully expected her to follow through on an academic path but Bohdi had other ideas and other urges, which took her toward a career in the music world. While attending a musical arts college she started singing in a rock band and that gave birth to Bohdi as an artist. She was lucky because so many of us don’t find our calling (if we ever do) or our voice until much later in life and she discovered her “voice” before she hit twenty. Ever since those good old days, Bohdi has been honing her skills as a songwriter, musician and fabulous singer. She has been performing all across the world, from underground bars in California, gigs at the Shoreditch House and even singing on the BBC.

Bohdi took time off recently to reconnect with who she was, and to get inspiration for her forthcoming body of work. She went to Nashville and gained insight into the heartfelt melancholy and the gritty realism that Country music offers. She wrote Scare Me and Doctor, two songs that are destined to become anthem hits for her. They are about facing your fears and healing your soul and if you have heard any of her other songs, you will know that anything that comes out of Bohdi’s mind and heart will be cherished by millions.

Some of her songwriting achievements include:

Co-wrote “Glow” — Number 1 hit for Lamiya in Germany and Austria, in February 2016.

Co-wrote 3 tracks on Lamiya’s debut album including “echoes” & “fire up.”

Co-wrote “Thru The Dark” featured on CSI, by artist WeAreShining featuring Mallie (my former stage name).

Co-wrote and featured on Tiggz Da Author single “goldfish” featuring Mallie (My former stage name).

Burberry Acoustic — featured artist & single released “Can’t be moved” under former stage name “Mallie.”

Busy, talented and loving what she does, 2019 is set to be the year of Bohdi.

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