Sharon Young Talks About Her New Book And Series ‘Faces Of Rap Mothers’

I recently caught up with Sharon Young -celebrity hairstylist, author and co-founder of the new series ‘Faces Of Rap Mothers’ to talk about her kitchen ‘Off The Planet Kitchen’ Pop-Up Kitchen And Catering in North Hollywood -as well as some of her latest ventures. She also spoke about how she keeps a positive mind during these challenging times, while putting all her energy into being creative. Here is what she had to say:

Hi Sharon! First of all, how are you doing and what have you been up to?

I’m doing great! I just got engaged and my fiance and myself moved to a new place and started a new business.

You have also been a celebrity hairstylist over the years. Who have you worked with and also when did you first learn how to do hair?

I have been doing hair for over 20 years and some of the people I have worked with are Mike Epps, Vivica Fox, some of the Wu-Tang members like U-God, RZA, Eric B, Rick James and many more.

Tell us about your current show venture and the message behind it:

The show is called ‘The Faces Of Rap Mothers’ we came up with the show because of our book (and my sister Candy Strother Devore) came up with the whole concept -she put all of the rap mothers together and wrote a book about us. I wrote my story in the book as well as other ladies, so I’m a public author now with 2 books you can by on Amazon. We have only taped one episode of the show then Covid-19 hit, so hopefully we will be back filming soon.

You also have a restaurant business ‘Off The Planet’ Pop-Up Kitchen -what kind of food do you serve and how has it been impacted since Covid-19?

Yes it’s an outdoor pop-up kitchen we set up across the street from our recording studio (‘Off The Planet Production’) and our kitchen is called ‘Off The Planet’ Pop-Up Kitchen And Catering -we serve fried catfish, Talipia, Swai, hot links, chili cheese fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, hot wings, honey mustard wings and BBQ wings.

Rap Mother’s Show Line

What have you learned the most about yourself over the years?

To be strong in life, to keep my faith in the Most High, to never stop believing in myself -and that I can do anything that I want to if I believe, work hard and never give up!

What have you done to overcome challenges over the years?

I stay focused, work very hard and try my best not see the challenges, but to see the end result. That way, the challenges will not even effect you, if you stay positive.

What do you have coming up?

After Covid-19 is over, we will start filming our show again and I will be doing the video for my song ‘Hustle In My DNA’ and will be releasing an album on my daughter Indica. Her album is so dope you have to hear it and I would like to do a song on you also, Amber! Now that I’m engineering, I can record you mix and master your song -which is something else I can add to my resume, also.

What is your best advice to others facing tough times?

Keep your faith in the Most High, never give up and stay away from negative people. Be patient, work hard and believe in yourself and nothing can stop you from success!

Thanks again Sharon, stay safe and well!

I want to thank you so much Amber for the interview and God bless you always fam! And let’s do a song!

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