Seattle’s Own ‘Down North’ Put On An Amazing Show At Live Nation Headquarters In Beverly Hills

Seattle band ‘Down North’ perform at Live Nation headquarters in Beverly Hills. Photo by: Manny Dominguez

Seattle band ‘Down North’, who recently signed with Wolfson Entertainment Inc, (home to Hall & Oates, Loverboy and Nelson) -performed a medley of their songs at Live Nation headquarters in Beverly Hills for an enthusiastic audience, last Thursday. The four-piece band consisting of Anthony Briscoe on vocals, Conrad Real on drums, Nicholas Quiller on guitar and Brandon Storms on bass recently released their EP “No Retreat Vol.1”.

Conrad Real on drums Photo by: Manny Dominguez

The group put on an incredibly energetic show with their soul/funk style songs including; ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘So What’, ‘Eventually’, ‘Stupid Man’ and ‘Hollywood’ -while singer Anthony Briscoe kept everyone on their feet with his endless dance moves - while barely taking a breather! It is evident to see in his performance skills that he grew up listening to the likes of Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke -whom he credits to being some of his musical influences. The rest of the band were equally as great, with their impeccable timing, musicianship and showmanship.

Next up for the ‘Down North’ will be their official release party at El Corazon with Joyous Wolf & Messer in Seattle on November 15th. A big thanks to Live Nation and Wolfson Entertainment Inc for making this all possible.

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