Ryan Ochoa And Hal Linden Star In ‘The Samuel Project’ -In Theaters September 28

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Ryan Ochoa and Hal Linden who star in the new movie The Samuel Project -(directed and co-written by Marc Fusco), in theaters September 28. The story focuses on Eli (Ryan Ochoa) who decides he wants to do an animated art project based on his grandfather Samuel, (Hal Linden) as the subject -this is where he also learns about his grandfather’s background and past for the first time. Eli finds out that Samuel, (a Jewish immigrant, originally from Germany), became an orphan after losing his family who were captured by Nazi’s in WWII.

During my interview with Disney star Ryan Ochoa, I was so impressed by his positive outlook on life, his maturity beyond his years and being a part of the entertainment industry. The story of how Ryan was cast in the role of Eli in The Samuel Project, was even more interesting. The producer of the movie Steve Weinberger happened to discover Ryan’s photo hanging on the wall at a Mexican restaurant (across the street from his dad’s store) and reached out to his commercial agent about him playing the part of Eli. Ryan mentioned, how at the time, he was at home making tamales on Christmas eve (eve)with his family during the holidays and got the call from his agent about the project. Then after reading the script, he had no doubt that he wanted to be a part of it and play the role of Eli. Production for The Samuel Project started right after the new year.

Ryan also talked about when he was a kid, he worked alongside Jim Carrey on A Christmas Carol which he said was an unforgettable experience -and something he will always treasure for the rest of his life. For Ryan, working with the likes of Jim Carrey and Hal Linden, has made him appreciate the art of acting even more, after witnessing their incredible skills and professionalism on set.

Hal Linden, as we all know and love for his role in the television series Barney Miller, was happy to be a part of The Samuel Project, because it focuses on breaking down barriers between generations -and communication between families which he says is extremely important, especially in the day and age we live in. He loved playing the role of Samuel alongside Ryan Ochoa as it gave him the opportunity to work on a film that represents a positive message,which audiences can take away with them, after seeing it.

Hal Linden is currently starring in the musical Grumpy Old Men at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Orgunquit, Maine and continues performing for live audiences, which he always enjoys.

With an amazing story line and cast, The Samuel Project is worth the watch! The movie opens in theaters September 28.

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