Ruby Sumegi, A Beautiful And Refreshing Face In The World Of Modeling

Ruby Sumegi is definitely one of the most interesting, fascinating and unique models we’ve been fortunate to interview recently here in Los Angeles. Not only does Ruby possess a unique beauty, that translates easily on camera, she is also highly intelligent, humble and refreshingly down to earth. The Australian Native started modeling in Australia at age 2 when she landed the cover of and Australian children’s magazine, which in turn launched her career. She moved to Los Angeles from Sydney when she was ten and was discovered by her first agent. Ruby was then signed with a bi-coastal modeling agency, STATE Model Management, when she was just 13. Still a teenager, Ruby’s future looks stellar, expanding her horizons to New York City and London and the global modeling circuit.

The humble side of this precocious young woman is that she openly admits that she is constantly learning. Yes, she says, she has grown as a model and as a human being in general, but she realizes that she will continue to learn and be open to knowing more about everything for her whole life. As a model, she caught on very fast to the rules of the game: that one must let go of one’s inhibitions because there is absolutely no room for being self-conscious on the set. The process just won’t allow it and you won’t be able to produce the best work that you are capable of.

Ruby has also figured out in her short years of being a professional and international model that keeping herself focused on the work at hand is the essential thing in modeling. It saves time and that is a must in this business as the photographers can shoot really fast and they want the models to deliver for the client. When out on go sees, she says that even though it is highly competitive, she maintains her focus and doesn’t worry about anyone else in the room. Spoken like a true professional.

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Claire (Interviewer/Writer)

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