Robyn Duse’s 2023 Highlights — The Cannes Film Festival and A Gripping New Film in The Works

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“The elegance of everyone in ballgowns, suits and tuxedos, to the premieres and red-carpet events reminiscent of a different era –while being surrounded by like-minded creatives was such a profound experience that I will never forget, and I look forward to experiencing it again next year” — Robyn Duse.

Robyn Duse pictured with Bebe Rexha and guest.

Robyn Duse, the Australian beauty and actress/producer has been living the glamorous life of travelling the globe this year from the US, Europe and Australia attending various high-profile industry events and meetings.

In May, Robyn was invited to attend the prestigious world-renowned Cannes Film Festival in France rubbing shoulders with elite industry professionals, attending red carpet events, and watching the finest world premiere screenings –which has been the highlight of 2023 for her thus far. Robyn was surrounded by the likes of Johnny Depp for the world premiere of “Jeanne Du Barry”, Leonardo Di’Caprio, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese for “Killers of the Flower Moon”, Natalie Portman and Julian Moore for the world premiere of “May December.” Lilly Rose Depp and Abel Tesfaye (The Weekend) for the world premiere of ‘The idol.’ Tom Hanks for the world premiere of Asteroid City. Uma Thurman and Michael Douglas for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, Robyn attended private events with Bebe Rexha, Eva Longoria, Jeffrey Wright and many more. Needless to say, Robyn plans to head to France again next year for the Cannes Film Festival in 2024.

Eva Longoria

Although Robyn continues to reside in Los Angeles, she has returned to Australia for a short time whilst the industry strikes have been apparent and with the help of her Australian agent, has been auditioning for various roles. Robyn looks forward to resuming her life back in LA again, very soon.

Her focus has been on her feature film, applications for funding with Screen Australia and other funding entities and sponsorships for the project. Her film touches on global topics that are greatly affecting society and what needs to be brought to light such as — mental health, addiction, domestic violence, and suicide which is affecting humanity on a global scale.

Although Robyn is the Creative Director and Co-Producer of the film, she has a key cast in mind, and will also star in the role of ’Savannah’, The feature film under Chrysalis Film Productions, is set to be shot mostly in America and some parts of Australia.

The film Chrysalis is a rare hybrid of the dread of Sleeping with The Enemy, A Star Is Born and a self-discovery of EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Inspired by true events, Robyn Duse aims to help and inspire humanity through the lens of the characters in the story.

Chrysalis is an original searing and thought-provoking experience of a woman’s journey through darkness and despair into a discovery of what can be possible regardless of what life throws at you. Inspired by true events, Robyn has brought both harrowing and exultant moments from her own life experiences of run-for-your-life survival and an epic journey to salvation to life with the help of another writer to help create the story.

This suspense, drama, psychological thriller driven film will take you through a roller coaster of emotions in this entangled relationship. It will have you laughing, crying, screaming at the screen holding on tight to your chair as we take this ride. You won’t be able to step away from the moment of action, drama, thriller and romance that draws you closer to the pain, the pleasure, the fear and the longing. Chrysalis encapsulates mental health, addictions, family violence and the ripple effect this creates to loved ones that surround them.

Chrysalis takes you through the lens of the characters’ journey Ella-Shaye and Johnny. They share an intense love and passion that burns like fire, where their love and chemistry is undeniably the love of their lives, to a fight for survival and fear for her life and their family.

We follow Shaye on her path for survival wondering how she got here, questioning whether this is her reality or is it just a dream that she is going to wake up from? We follow Johnny’s undying love that he has for her, where he loves her with his entire being, and nothing in this world that he wants more than her, yet unexpectant events spiral in a blink of an eye. We follow johnny on his path, battling his inner demons he hasn’t dealt with through addiction and struggling in his own world to stay alive. The one thing he wants the most, the most precious thing to him which keeps him fighting is the passionate love they share and the one love he wants the most is to keep his family together — yet he unconsciously pushes her away then we see the obstacles both Shaye and Johnny encounter when he is fighting to get it all back.

Shaye questions what to do next with her life and that of her families after experiencing Johnny’s obsessive behavior that leads her to question her own sanity, where certain tragic events take place and how her life was not the same, yet the love was undeniably so powerful. The audience will follow both Shaye and Johnny’s journey, where we see love, loss, sorrow, pain, and tragedy.

Robyn acknowledges mental health is a real thing that needs to be taken seriously, “we need to take a stand together, creating more awareness on these topics that are killing humanity at large. It’s sad to see, my heart truly goes out to people, as so many lose their lives because of this, and we need to be the change.” Robyn hopes this story will bring more awareness to these topics.

Robyn and Michael Mandeville

Many people today are either suffering from this themselves or know someone who is close to them who has. Robyn is also touched to have her dear friend, whom she has known for many years -Hollywood’s Line Producer, Producer, (PGA) Director (DGA) Writer, Michael Mandeville known for TAKEN 1,2,3 starring Liam Neeson and American History X starring Edward Norton who guides her on her journey and anticipates working together on this film amongst many other industry icons.

Robyn feels extremely blessed to have a platform to create what is most passionate to her. And although her life may include glitz and glamour, red carpet events and travelling the globe, but she is a very hardworking woman who is unstoppable and achieves greatness.

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