Robert Palmer Watkins Talks About Life, Acting, And New Music For 2022

Actor and Singer Robert Palmer Watkins

Many die-hard soap opera fans will know Robert Palmer Watkins from his role on General Hospital playing Dillon Quartermaine, but over the years he has established himself as a well respected actor appearing in such movies as Last Three Days, 5 Weddings, The Nanny Murders and the TV series The Walking Dead: World Beyond. His recent appearance on The Walking Dead: World Beyond just aired this past Sunday night on AMC where he plays the role of Lt. Frank Newton in the season finale (by the way, Robert does all of his own stunts!).

On top of his acting career, Robert also happens to be a gifted singer and songwriter and recently released the singles “Waiting” and “Clean Cut” produced by his writing partner Brendan Martin. This month “Palmer” (as he is known by, for his artist name) is gearing up for the release of his new single and video, cleverly entitled “Walking Dead” — and we can’t wait for it!!

A still from Robert’s upcoming single “Walking Dead” out this month.

I recently interviewed Robert to talk about his latest projects, plans for getting back in the studio in 2022 and how he manages to stay sane in a hectic business like the entertainment industry.

Without a doubt, Robert is headed towards a long lasting and successful career in whatever path he chooses, because not only is he a talented actor and singer — but he also happens to be one of the nicest, most genuine and inspirational you will ever meet!

Check out the interview below:

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