Robert Clivilles Talks New Drake Track ‘Emotionless’ -Sampled From His 1991 Hit ‘Emotions’ By Mariah Carey

Throughout his career, Robert Clivilles has earned 5 American Music Awards, 5 MTV awards, 5 Billboard awards and a Grammy award -with over 100 million albums sold worldwide as both a songwriter and record producer. He is also known for his work with C+C Music Factory (which he co-founded with musical partner David Cole) -his work with Whitney Houston (I’m Every Woman), Deborah Cooper (Pride, A Deeper Love) and Emotions by Mariah Carey. Now, 27 years later since Emotions was released, the 90's hit was recently sampled on the new Drake single Emotionless. Thrilled by the new found buzz and appreciation of this classic hit, Robert Clivilles takes us back to the original recording session and how he would still like to work with Mariah Carey in the future.

How does it feel to hear Emotions on the radio 27 years later on the Drake track Emotionless?

It’s pretty awesome, it reminds us that when we make music for the love of it, it continues to live on. And I’d like to thank Drake and his production partners for using it well.

When did you first hear about the song?

Warner Chappell approached me and Drake’s music partner and producer emailed me the track for a listen.

I remember in a previous conversation with you, I had asked if you would like to work with Mariah Carey again and now it has happened, but via sampling for Drake’s new song. Pretty amazing!

Yeah in a samples way “yes”, but I still think I can give Mariah a few more classic hits if she was down.

What do you remember the most about your first time working on Emotions back in 1991 with the late, great David Cole?

It was pretty easy, I sat down with Mariah and asked her what type of music she liked and after the conversation, we went into the studio and came up with the track. By the time David got to the studio the track was 90% completely musically done. I think all that had to be done was a bridge section.

Over the years this has been one of Mariah Carey’s biggest and most played songs. What do you think stood out about this song the most?

It was her very first up-tempo single and it was a feel good song about love -the perfect type of song that fans wanted to hear her sing at that moment.

There were a few different mixes of this song, what is your favorite version?

Pretty much all of them and what they were for; the radio for radio fans, club versions and dubs for the club, they were all pretty cool.

Are you working on any new music at the moment?

I have one or two things in the pipeline and Robi-Rob’s Latinos del Mundo Anthem is one of them.

Last, but not least, what is your best piece of advice to other producers and artists coming into the business now?

Try to keep as much of your writing, publishing and masters rights as you can, because producers/songwriters don’t perform, so the show money is not theirs -and the performers as well, because if (god forbid) you have an accident and can’t perform anymore, or when age hits you. Also, if a song becomes a classic, it can take care of you for most of your life -maybe for all of your life, if you save up and live life accordingly.

You should also have a second career as a back-up. It’s always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard if music happens for you or doesn’t happen for you -or you can’t do it anymore. It is better to always be ready for what life brings upon you.

Thanks Robert and congrats on your success!

Thank you!

‘Emotionless’ by Drake from the new album ‘Scorpion’ is available now on itunes:

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