Project Manager Eva Pagneux

The Talented Eva Pagneux

Have you ever wondered how innovative products get developed, manufactured and end up in your home or office to change your life forever? You’re right, hardly anyone thinks about that, but if you did, you would find out that there are many unsung heroes in that phase of a product, and one who is specifically responsible for the entire development a product, from technology, to concept, to marketing of an item such as an electronic device or even a toy: the product manager.

According to the website Aha! the definition of a product manager is “The person responsible for defining the ‘why’, ‘what,’ and ‘when’ of the product that the engineering team will build. They are the CEO of their product — which means they lead cross-functional teams from a product’s conception through to its launch.” Eva Pagneux is one of a limited number of product CEOs that has consistently brought many interesting and quite unique products from the drawing board to the marketplace, successfully overseeing every step of progress along the way.

Eva has developed extensive expertise bringing technological innovations to the hands of consumers. Managing a team of high tech professionals, Eva has worked with many companies willing to make a difference for their customers, including the world’s 3rd largest sporting good manufacturer and distributor, Decathlon. With Decathlon and CEA-Leti, Eva defined the requirements of products as interesting as a bicycle of the future, inventively using integrated sensors to make biking a simpler task for the human experience. She also launched the first motion-enabled travel Air Mouse, a computer mouse controlled with natural hand gestures that is similar to the Wii, but used for the computer and or media center.

The Air mouse product family won several awards including CES innovations Design and Engineering honoree, highlighting the robust innovation within the CE industry at the world’s largest consumer electronics show. Eva has always been a thought leader in next generation user interfaces and interaction with intelligent devices. Specifically, she led the first conference regarding data fusion and context awareness enabling the next generation of smart devices.

Eva joined Squadrone System to lead the development of Hexo+, which was essentially the first-ever self-flying camera for consumers. Indeed, Hexo+ offered for the very first time to consumers the possibility to not use a drone without piloting it. A simple app on your smartphone allows you to select how and what you want to film and the drone will automatically fly to that position and operate its pre-programmed movements while you focus on the image and action being recorded. Hexo+ has seen a huge success on Kickstarter raising 1.3million in a month and 3500 units are now flying across the world. The product has received many awards acclaiming its innovative and unique character including “Best app @CES” by iPhone Life ,“Best drone award” by Videomaker, and ISPO Brand New award.

Eva has led specialized teams to turn complex technology into smart products, leveraging sensors and intelligence to deliver new services that change the industry, creating value and making people’s lives easier, simpler and better. Eva was finalist for the Best Technology manager Timmy Awards 2016 and has been a featured speaker at many tech conferences including Collision and IoT Tech Conference. The companies she has worked for have been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Venturebeat, Techcrunch, The Verge and many others.

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