Personal Trainer And Nike Ambassador Giorgio Merlino

Giorgio Merlino must be one of the luckiest and most skilled personal trainers in the world. He has over 500 clients, and that’s just for his online business as a fitness coach. He is the only one Nike’s official Training Ambassador in Italy, Instagram Influencer and personal trainer at Ceresio7, the most famously popular gym in Milan.

He received his Personal Trainer certificate from the WFA (World Fitness Association) in Florida and he did it with a 100% score. After that he began working with a lot of brands such as, Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger Sport, Calvin Klein Sport, Foodspring, X-Core, MyProtein, Swatch, Hugo Boss, Dyson, Carrera, Audi, Land Rover and Dsquared2, who endorsed him and with whom he worked on their social networking campaigns. When he went to Los Angeles to train at an important and internationally known gym, they saw in him a true professional and a highly skilled fitness expert and Giorgio was offered a job.

He met his wife, Veronica, seven years ago, who was and is one of the most famous fashion bloggers in Italy. He discovered that Veronica was considered to not necessarily fit within the standards of beauty that the fashion world lived and breathed by and she had been cyber bullied for it. Since Giorgio was into fitness that included bodybuilding and Taekwondo, he designed a workout regimen and diet that was perfect for her and her lifestyle and helped her lose 30 pounds. That changed her mindset completely and she saw the beauty and the great results that a knowledgeable and accessible personal trainer brings to the table.

His success with Veronica was followed by countless fans on Giorgio and Veronica’s social media channels and it catapulted Giorgio into his fitness journey in which he dedicated his life to health and fitness. It also motivated him into his and Victoria’s own business venture called DJMJ (Don’t Judge My Journey). DJMJ offers a one of a kind fitness philosophy along with workout and training programs and online coaching. There are hundreds of clients who are active adherents of DJMJ. Giorgio and his unique brand of personal training has been featured in numerous Italian magazines.

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