One Of The Hottest DJ Duos In The USA -The Kimonos

No matter what crisis the world is currently in, one thing positive still remains — music and entertainment! DJ duo The Kimonos are no exception, with their incredible music and energy they bring to the crowd and boasting a resume’ of performing in some of the world’s most exotic locations — these two talented guys continue to soar and conquer the DJ scene.

The Kimonos are one of the highest in-demand DJ duo in the West Coast and they are getting more and more recognized around all states and Europe. They’ve played at some of the biggest and most popular venues and cities around the world like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Tulum and Ibiza. The Kimonos took part in festivals at Coachella, Burning Man, Heart Festival Miami and Playa in Tulum. During the pandemic they played at virtual festival organized by “Abracadabra” to continue spread their music.

They currently have residency at “Zenyara Estate” in Palm Springs and “Deep Space” in Los Angeles. Gabriel Falanga and Omri Malka created a duo in 2018 based in Los Angeles. They were quit known from home towns in Italy and Israel where they are coming from, but bigger awareness both artists got after decision to play together.

Their music is a mixture of Afro house, melodic vibes and a blend of ethnic tones. Different origins bring eventful style in sets they play. Despite of Dj’s beginning of career they have played alongside with many other artists such as Solomun, Bedouin, Luciano, Guy Gerber and Blondish keeping dance floor full till the end.

En Su Lugar” is duo’s first record featured with Malone, was released by the Witty Tunes label in 2019. The track is available on all music platforms. New releases are coming in winter 2020 under Abracadabra label. The Kimonos make an input in Los Angeles nightlife scene playing in well known dance clubs like: Raspoutine, Sound Nightclub, Deep Space, Le Jardin and 1oak.

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