No Longer ‘Waiting’, Marian Elizabeth Has Arrived

Marian Elizabeth in ‘We Wait In The Woods’

British-born actor, Marian Elizabeth stars in the feature film, ‘We Wait In the Woods’. Written and directed by Joe Duncombe, ‘We Wait In The Woods’, tells the story of a group of childhood friends decide to hold a weekend long wake in the woods they used to visit as teenagers, to mourn the death of their friend. While under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they are haunted by their memories and terrorized by ghosts and strange events, including the mysterious deaths of members of the group. Marian Elizabeth stars in the leading role of Lisa who fights to get out alive. Co-starring, Jamie Evans, Celine Belan and Henry Morris, the horor film has earned critical acclaim and is set for cinematic release in the fall of 2019, ‘We Wait In the Woods’, is the latest in a collection of celebrated films, television series and stage productions, featuring the talents of Marian Elizabeth.

Marian is a classically and professionally trained actor, studying at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The London Academy of Performing Arts, with performances at the famed Royal Albert Hall, Old Red Lion Theatre, Groundlings Theatre Company, the West End’s, Fortune Theatre, The Cambridge Arts Theatre, Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis and Southwark Playhouse, and at the historic Middle Temple Hall. Marian’s credits feature her celebrated performances in, ‘The Private Lives of the Tudors’, Yesterday TV, ‘First Kill, Last Kill’, Chanel 5, “Landlady’, and the film, ‘Flowers’, recognized and nominated at forty-five international film festivals.Starring in leading roles in productions since the age of ten, Marian Elizabeth was born to be an actor — to take center stage in the limelight. Currently, Marian stars in the lead role of Lucy in the Children’s TV series, ‘Lucy & The Dragon’, which has completed production of season 1.

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