Nichole Ruiz Sharing Her Creativity With The World

Filmmaker Nichole Ruiz

Los Angeles based filmmaker and photographer began her career a world away in the Philippines. Inspired by films as a child, Harry Potter movies sparked an interest beyond storytelling to interest in how films are made. “I was mesmerized by the whole movie-making process.” Nichole’s career began as a production assistant intern for the feature film, ‘Baka Bukas’. Upon completion of the film, Nichole embarked on a global journey, studying at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

Nichole’s directorial debut was the film, ‘You’. Starring, Renata Ribeiro, Paula Lauzon, Alan Harden and Marissa Godinez. ‘You’ tells the coming of age story of a photographer named Kristen, whose art gallery opening spirals into chaos as her queer art is seen by her parents. The film was close to Nichole’s heart. The film earned critical acclaim and is featured on the festival circuit.

A highlight of Nichole’s career is her collaboration on the film, ‘Unspeakable’. Starring Nicole Creary, John Jackson, Terrah Bennett Smith, and Rick

Jackson, the film tells the story of a social worker working to save a child from his abusive mother. Nichole’s work as the film’s cinematographer has been recognized at screening at several festivals.

Nichole’s most recent project is the web series comedy, ‘Bombshell’, production and filming to begin in March, 2019. Nichole’s cinematography will be features as she creates the look for the entire series.

Nichole’s projects are focused on storytelling of social issues. “It’s very important to me that when I’m creating something, I’m creating content that matters, something that affects people’s lives after they’ve seen it.” Nichole Ruiz features LGBTQ+ community, family, mental health, and politics in all of her filmmaking. “I want to make sure there is a voice for these issues within the film industry.”

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