Nichola Fynn’s Role In “American Housewife” Season 5, Was The Start Of Many More Exciting Things To Come

And so it was said that the young girl who watched the musical film Grease over and over and over again would be destined to become an actress and move from England to Los Angeles, California to work in the entertainment industry. Behold, the prophecy came true in the form of Nichola Fynn when she was old enough to travel from the land of the Angles to the land of the Angels.

The young Nichola always had an affinity to dancing and singing when she was growing up in Billericay, Essex in England. After her very first performance on stage she knew that acting was her life’s true passion and that she would not be happy doing anything else — ever. Even when her brothers and sister hid her only and highly treasured copy of the film Grease, which she watched at least ten times a day, she knew that she would be able to overcome any obstacle on her way to fulfilling her dreams. They hid the film because they couldn’t stand to hear one more harmonic refrain from the song “You’re the One that I Love.”

After graduating from the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts School in London and receiving a Performing Arts diploma Nichola began working in earnest on TV shows and theatre productions in the West End and she even got a featured part in James Bond’s Skyfall. She then moved to Los Angeles and dove into roles in even more TV shows and feature films and then…she struck it rich. She had always loved Disney and she had always wanted to work for that magical studio but since in-person auditions had all but vanished because of the pandemic, she sent in a self-tape to the studio and almost went into shock when she received a call back for a personal audition. The show was American Housewife, and of course she got the part, which was “Mommy Margaret” in Season 5. The character she plays is a famous British vlogger who has millions of fans and plays the perfect housewife.

She got to shoot her scenes at CBS Radford Studios on one of the sound Stages and she couldn’t have been more satisfied with the whole process. The stage, crew and actors were all very Covid safe and she loved working alongside of the very successful actress Katy Mixon. Nichola felt welcomed and was treated very professionally by everybody from the wardrobe and makeup departments to the cast and crew. Her episode was ‘’Homeschool Sweet Homeschool” and it was season 5, Episode 4. It aired on November 25, 2020. American Housewife is a series that chronicles the daily life of Katie Otto, (played by Katy Mixon) a wife and mother who tries to maintain her sense of self and family while dealing with the wealthy, pretentious, arrogant housewives and their privileged children in her new hometown of Westport, Connecticut.

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