The New Album By Larry Mersereau ‘Cabana Classics’

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Picture yourself in a Cabana on a tropical beach with ocean waves and island breezes. Larry Mersereau’s twelve song instrumental album of Jazz classics will take you there. Cabana Classics is now available world-wide on iTunes. The album was produced and recorded by three-time Grammy winner, Narada Michael Walden at Tarpan Studios.

Cabana Classics features Larry Mersereau on lead guitar, Gary Brown on upright bass, David Phillips on pedal steel, and Narada Michael Walden on Aloha Drums and string arrangements.

Larry Mersereau grew up in Belvedere, CA. He lived in a home that appreciated art and music. He listened to classic country music artists including his music idol, Hank Williams. He has memories of listening to his grandfather, Bertram Tuckey, sing and play piano.

Larry learned to read and play guitar from his private music teacher, Bruce MacDonald. His dance band teacher at Tamalpais High School, Bob Greenwood, inspired him to play live shows for school rallies and dances. Frank Haggerty, the NBC Staff Guitar Musician, influenced him to play a more modern music style.

Larry began to play professionally in live bands in college for many San Francisco hotels in the 1950’s to 1960’s, country club dances, and private parties. He was the regular bass player on the Matson and President’s Cruise Ship Lines for three years. He played solo and in bands at various local Marin County restaurants for decades, most recently at Chalet Basque in San Rafael.

Larry is an entertainer and connects with his audience by telling dramatic lifetime adventures. There is always a profound life lesson with an unexpected twist.

Press release via Tarpan Records.

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