Mohit Shrivastava in ‘Dr Elevator’

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One of India’s most watched actors, Mohit Shrivastava

With Indians continuing to be the highest growing ethnicity in America, features of Indians continue to gain major prominence. The newly turned stone on this journey is Dr Elevator. This is a story of an Indian mathematician Bhaven Gupta played by Piyush Deshmukh and the antagonist Logan played by Mohit Shrivastava.

Mohit continues to demonstrate his exceptional acting abilities with the character Logan in this delightfully funny film. He grabs such nuances of this Cuban immigrant, that it’s hard to believe he’s never actually been there. Mohit says since he watched Al Pacino’s portrayal of Tony Montana in Scarface, playing a Cuban in America was something he has always looked forward to. “The moment Kartikye Gupta started narrating my part and described Logan as a guy from Cuba, my mind was all set to imagine thousands of gun rounds blazing all over the screen. Little did I realize this Tony Montana is a comic character.”

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Talking about comedy, Mohit stated Charlie Chaplin as his biggest influence — “Comedy films begin with Charlie Chaplin for me. All his movies (City Lights being a personal favorite) are a treasure of comedic talent, inspiration and learning. Mohit expressed his desire to work in more such films. Not forgetting to mention “Comedy is the biggest tragedy.”

Mohit along with the other creative collaborators on this film are really proud of this production. The film has won several awards and has already screened in over 32 film festivals across the United States. He mentions, “There is no drug like laughter and full engagement of the audiences with the film in the theatre and we had exactly that in the first five screenings, I attended. While newspapers and social media don’t fail to bring tragedies from across the globe to our attention, Mohit says,”I feel proud that we can make people smile and laugh and for minutes if not more, make this world seem like a great place to live.”

When we asked Mohit what he was doing next, he had a one word answer for us, “Lots.” He’s not sure which one will be released first, but we may see him playing another comedic part very soon.

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