Miss USA 2019 Winner Cheslie Kryst Empowering Others Through Her Work

Miss USA 2019 Winner Cheslie Kryst

I recently had the chance to speak with Miss USA 2019 winner Cheslie Kryst who shared some of her favorite moments so far, her inspirations growing up and some of her own personal beauty tips.

In a world where as women, there is so much emphasis put on just our image, it was extremely refreshing to speak to the beautiful Cheslie Kryst an Attorney and MBA graduate -who above all, puts her family, relationships and job first and foremost. Coming from a family of 5 siblings, Cheslie’s mother who happens to be one of her biggest inspirations, won the title of Mrs North Carolina back in 2002, then fast forward to 2019 where her daughter would become Miss North Carolina USA 2019.

Cheslie Kryst with her dad and (then) Miss Carolina winner, her mother.

However, the most incredible moment for Cheslie so far, was being crowned Miss USA 2019 after impressing the judges, with not only her gorgeous looks and personality -but also, her intelligence and passion for wanting to make a difference in the world. After winning the title, Cheslie described the moment as being exciting but also, somewhat of a whirlwind having to move from her apartment in North Carolina to New York City –all within a short amount of time.

Since winning Miss USA, Cheslie has carried out many engagements, including one of her favorite moments, where she announced the top 3 finalists on TV at The World’s Strongest Man competition in Florida –which she would watch growing up with her dad, who was a professional body builder. She also got to attend a huge fundraiser for Best Buddies, a charitable partner of The Miss Universe Organization, focused on giving opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities –where she got to play a charity football game with Tom Brady, held in Boston and an experience which was not only fun but rewarding.

On top of her endeavors of being Miss USA, in her free time, Cheslie loves working on her blog White Collar Glam, which she started in 2017 -after becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of resources for women dressing for the work place. She wanted to create a platform -that focused on work wear fashion for women and provide resources for confident and affordable apparel in the workplace –she also writes her own blog entries and shares pictures on the website.

As for beauty tips from none other than Miss USA, herself –Cheslie’s number one piece of advice is to stay hydrated in order for your skin to glow and your body to function properly. She also emphasizes to always remove your makeup before you go to bed to maintain healthy skin. As for hair care, we all know, one of Cheslie’s most gorgeous features is her beautiful, curly hair -she has found that a lot more companies, are catering to and embracing women with natural hair –she counts the CHI products made from 95% natural ingredients as one of her go-to products including their shampoos, conditioners, curl control and more.

After crowning her Miss USA successor in 2020, Cheslie plans on returning to her law firm in North Carolina which she is passionate about and is one of her biggest achievements so far. As for her advice to young girls wanting to pursue a career in the modeling field “You don’t have to conform, you should aim to break the mold of the norm and if you don’t fit the regular requirements -be the example”.

I couldn’t agree with this beauty more and we wish Cheslie Kryst all the best in everything she does!

For more on Cheslie Kryst and her amazing blog, check out:

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