Metalecalec Releases His New Album “Speaks For Itself” Entering the Top 10 On the iTunes Rap Charts

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3 min readFeb 15, 2024

Hey Alec, so first of all, congrats on the new album. How long did it take you to compile all the songs?

What’s Mine was the first song I recorded for the album on March 3, 2023 & Dreams Of The Perished was the last song I recorded on June 22, 2023. Within that 16-week period, I made a lot of songs, but the challenging part came with narrowing down the best ones to create a cohesive offering.

What is one of your favorite tracks on the album and why?

I Need More and You & I, are my personal favorites. Not only because they are the ones being received the best but because I love how they sound and how the beats blend with the stories within the verses. It feels complete. Can't wait to hear how they sound in 2034.

iTunes chart position

You were able to reach the top 10 on the iTunes rap charts which is pretty amazing. How did that feel?

Speaks For Itself is technically my 11th project, it felt special as I was creating it. It feels overdue given the fact none of the 10 previous projects ever landed on any chart position. #9 is cool, but I want #1 next time in 2025. These are the early signs to pay attention to. It’s possible to evolve from the iTunes Charts to the billboard charts. I look forward to having songs on the Hot 100 one day.

You were also placed number 9 next to Nicki Minaj and Kid Cudi. That must have felt so amazing next to such music royalty!

I have love for both of them, they were artists I listened to religiously in 2009. To share the charts with them 15 years later feels rewarding. I hope to work with them one day, but I’m still independent so landing on the charts by the strength of good music and a support system without a label feels important.

Times Square billboard in New York City

You also had your first billboard in Times Square in New York City, to market the album. How did this all come about? That was pretty incredible.

With advertising, it’s all about $. I’m grateful to finally be at a place where I can do things like this because it was never an option any year before 2024. I look forward to more billboards in Times Square for sure! It was something I manifested, over the years I would go to Times Square and tell people “I’d be up there one day.”

What's next on the horizon for you? Any new music or shows/tours?

Most artists will drop an album and go ghost for a long time, I can’t afford to do that. As an up and comer in the internet era, you have to stay consistent. I want to drop new music every 3 weeks all year long and we will see where it goes. I’d like to start touring soon, the focus has been growing the online presence along with the catalogue/setlist. I have not started touring yet, but I can’t wait.

Who would be your ideal collaborator and why?

I’m a student to the game and I look up to a lot of the greats. To ever have a chance to collaborate with any of the heroes I look up to would be amazing. Drake, Kendrick, Cole, Kanye, Jay Z, Eminem, Nas, Russ, and Jack Harlow are some of my favorite rappers.



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