Mauro Buonarota Invades The Billboard Top Dance Music Charts

Mauro Buonarota Credit: Stefania Rosini

During the last few months, Mauro Buonarota was revealed as one of the most interesting new artists of 2018 -and now, even more good news is on the way. A few days after the release of his song I Think I Love You, Mauro Buonarota reached No 1 in Italy, No 2 in the US and No 2 on the UK itunes Electronic Charts.

This would usually be an amazing goal for any emerging artist but it wasn’t enough for Mauro. In our opinion I Think I Love You is one of the most catchy songs released in the last few months -and the success of the song has since certainly proved that. A few weeks after the release of I Think I Love You, Mauro Buonarota reached the greatest goal of his career so far -fulfilling the dream of most music artists around the world: invading and climbing the Billboard Top Dance music charts. It hasn’t been just a brief appearance, Mauro Buonarota has since stayed permanently on the Billboard charts for 5 consecutive weeks reaching the #41 spot.

Photo credit: Stefania Rosini

During a recent interview Mauro Buonarota said: “Achieving the Billboard Top Dance music charts has been a dream come true to me. This goal just makes me push even more energy and enthusiasm into my new projects. Currently I’m working hard on a hot new song and I’m confident that it will be a hit just like I Think I Love You”.

Of course we all are impatient and ready to listen to the next Mauro Buonarota hit. We are pretty sure, he will surprise us once again! Billboard, you just wait! Mauro Buonarota is coming back!

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Bollard (Interviewer/Writer)

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