‘Never give up on your dreams’ is a phrase that has been repeated ad nauseam and relegated to the domain of being a cliché. However, fortunately for those of us who love movies and who can never read enough about them, Mathieu Carratier never gave up on his, and became the youngest-ever Editor in Chief of the famous French film magazine Premiere.

During a recent interview, Mathieu shared that he knew from the time that he was a child that he would one day work in or around the film industry and that’s exactly what he has done with his life. Growing up, he watched hundreds — if not thousands — of movies and earned a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies at the renowned Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris. The foundations for his professional success began in 2000 when he was selected for an internship to work at the leading worldwide French cinema publication Premiere Magazine.

After contributing to the creation of Premiere’s popular website, Mathieu’s writing talent was quickly noticed by the publication’s Editor in Chief, who offered him a full time staff position. The rest is history, we could say… He was entrusted with Premiere’s most-coveted assignments, interviewing the biggest movie stars in the world and covering the biggest movie franchises. He was invited to venture behind the scenes of trilogies such as The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings. He had tête-à-têtes with icons like Matt Damon, Will Smith, Bruce Willis and Natalie Portman, to name but a few. While working in France, he also contributed to several other major publications such as GQ, Elle, and Paris Match. Notably, he even wrote the cover story for the Australian GQ‘s 10th Anniversary issue, featuring Robert Pattinson.

Recognized for his unique ability to deliver engaging, original content, Mathieu Carratier was named Editor in Chief of Premiere Magazine at the young age of 32- a feat that is almost unheard of in the publishing industry. His business acumen and penchant for knowing the next trends in film increased the magazine’s sales by 10%, which again is no small feat. Bringing fascinating news and reviews to readers, Mathieu performed an invaluable role in solidifying and expanding Premiere’s reputation and readership base.

After overseeing the successful growth of Premiere for several years, in 2013 Mathieu relocated to Los Angeles and became the magazine’s Editor at Large. There, he continues to interview the biggest movie stars and write about the newest films.

Still living the dream…

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