Mariah Carey And The Story Of The Koala, 20 Years Later

Amber Bollard gives Mariah Carey another Koala at her opening show for her Las Vegas residency on July 5th 2018 for The Butterfly Returns Photo Credit: @mariahnow instagram

This is a t to a long, lost soundbyte and the time I saw Mariah at her very first Australian concert in Brisbane in 1998. I remember lining up at the ticket place so I could buy a center front ticket (which I was able to get). Then, I went with my dad to see her arrive at the Heritage Hotel in Brisbane and the following night my parents and I went to her concert. Before we left the house, I had bought Mariah a little koala bear with a hat on and written her a note. On the night of the concert I had asked her security guard if I could give her the koala and he said no.

So when the lights went out in between songs, I threw the koala and it happened to land on the stage when Mariah came back out to sing and this is what happened in front of 10,000 people and what she said: ”Okay I’m going to dedicate the next song to Amber and oh look at this, this is cute!”: And Amber and the bear I’m gonna read this card and she’s got a butterfly on here: “I love you! Dear Mariah, I hope you’re having a great time in Australia, I’m very excited to be in the audience for the entire (oops, I mean ‘center front’) in Brisbane tonight (I can’t see), Hi! I love you, Amber”. “Thank you! I’m going to dedicate the next song to Amber, for the Koala”

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