Makeup And Hair Stylist — Vanessa Van Krieken

Vanessa Van Krieken and renowned makeup artist to the stars, Kristofer Buckle.

As a makeup and hairstylist Vanessa Van Krieken has become in demand for her incredible work and turn out of clients, including both regular and new. She has advanced training and continued education with Redken, Pureology, which were facilitated by top leading educators. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in art developed, define and master conceptualization of color. We recently caught up with Vanessa to find out more about her work as well as some of her background in the beauty industry. Here is what she had to share with the readers:

Vanessa on the job with one of her clients

Hi Vanessa, please give us a little intro into your background and how you first got into hair and makeup:

My mom did hair and my grandfather was an artist…so I’m guessing artistry runs in the family. I always remember only being good at art in school. I sucked at all other subjects. I won all kinds of contests growing up from designing the year book covers to decorating commercial building windows for Halloween. I actually have a degree in graphic design because it was the only art degree I could think of that would suit me. In high school, I really got into fashion, makeup, and hair — my friends nicked named me “VaVa” because of it.

What was your first job in both of these fields and what do you remember most about it?

I went to beauty school right out of highschool but I got kicked out for cheating on my hours…haha! So then I started doing makeup instead. I started with Lancôme, Bobbi Brown, then MAC. Then I went to college andgot a graphic design degree. However, I could not get a job to save my life in graphics. So, I then decided to go back to beauty school to finish getting my license. I technically have been doing makeup longer because I took a while to get back into the hair biz. Now I do both.

What inspired you to get into the beauty and hair styling industry? Was there anything or anyone in particular who you looked up to?

Hair was actually my plan B, but I guess I felt as though it was the only thing that was calling my name and came naturally to me. In the beginning of my hair career, I assisted for a woman who I used to do hair shows for. She is a platform artist and I truly valued my experience learning alongside her. I looked up to every pop star in the 90’s and would copy all their looks and I had some of them down pretty good! My favorite was Mariah Carey’s hair from her ‘Honey’ video. It was a retro 60’s James Bond inspired hair style. It required wrapping my hair around my head to make it look like a headband with hair pulled back and teased.

You have also done a bit model of modeling, did this help in a lot of ways to strengthen your knowledge about hair and makeup?

I did some promo modeling and hair shows when I was younger. I guess always having had jobs that required me to look glammed up — which probably did help steer me in this direction unknowingly.

What kind of training have you had and what did you specialize in?

I came back into the hair business during an interesting period where a new technique pretty much took over the way highlighting is done known as balayage. I guess I started specializing in it unknowingly in the beginning. I would watch Guy Tang videos religiously and try it on all my friends.

What is one of your biggest highlights so far of your career?

I got to do makeup for Miss Teen USA. That was my first big job and it was so much fun. Other than that, nothing specific at this moment really — just the fact that I was able to move up pretty quick in the industry and make good decisions to advance myself.

What has been one of you biggest challenges and why?

I’m a horrible business person! I hate taking people’s money, I hate that what I love has to be monetized and that I am in charge of it. However, I do run my own business, so therefore, I have to treat it like that.

What are a couple of important tips you could give the readers on healthy hair and skin?

Lots of water! Being healthy in general, radiates through your hair and skin! That’s the best thing you could do for both.

What are the popular procedures right now customers are doing?

Balayage balayage balayage!! Which is a new way of highlighting! Basically meaning ‘hand painted swept highlights’.

If you could choose anyone to work alongside or to style, who would it be and why?

I would love to work with Guy Tang and Tracey Cunningham! And of course, I would love to style Mariah Carey!

For more info and to find out how to book Vanessa for your next hair or makeup appointment, check out:

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