‘Lovempire’ Release Their Debut EP Goodbye Darkness, Hello Light

It’s good to be surprised. What would you expect from a debut EP called Goodbye Darkness, Hello Light by a band called Lovempire? An archipelago of gentle folksiness? A snorkel trip over acid-tinged corals? Instead what you get, from the first bar of opener and single Elements, is a volcano of sawtooth guitar distortion that preps your nervous system for flight, fight, or fun. From there the journey continues through sinuous, alt rocking numbers with the voice of lead singer Morgan Phoenix leading you on till you find yourself fifteen minutes further through life, drawing breath to the gentle opening of My Little Bird. And this is where Lovempire doubles down on the surprise.

As adrenaline subsides and consciousness kicks in, Phoenix’s voice reveals a lyrical tenderness that has been present from the start. This is what pulls you in for repeated listens and, with each one, you realize that this thread is the love which holds these musical pearls together.

By: Andy Heath

The first single ‘Elements’ is out now, across all platforms.

Goodbye Darkness, Hello Light is out on September 26th, 2020




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