Kristin Chenoweth In Conversation At The Paley Center For Media

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Kristin Chenoweth at The Paley Center For Media. Photo Credit: Brian To/The Paley Center For Media

The delightfully funny and talented Kristin Chenoweth was in conversation with Bryan Fuller at the Paley Center For Media on February 27th -in Beverly Hills. This all-round talented lady has starred in such TV and theater productions as; Wings, Pushing Daisies, Glee and Hairspray as well as many other incredible shows over the years.

As the clips played during this special event, it was apparent how the audience was in awe of Kristin’s versatility for each role she plays, as well as her impeccable comedic timing and not to mention, powerful singing voice. Bryan Fuller who has directed such series as Pushing Daisies, Hannibal and Star Trek: Discovery, spoke very highly of Kristin’s talents, as well as her dedication and professionalism to her craft.

After the presentation, the questions opened up for the audience with a completely thrilled Kristin, who happily shared stories and advice from her own experiences in life -and the joys and challenges of being a part of the entertainment industry. It is needless to say, Kristen Chenoweth is an incredible gift to the industry and her infectious personality and big heart -are what have made her the amazing and successful person she is.

Thanks to the Paley Center and The Lippin Group, for the opportunity.

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