Koushik- An Actor Of Many Roles

Actor Koushik

Actor Koushik played Buddha in National Geographic’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, and a memorable role as Jamal Muti in ABC’s Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Koushik has also been featured in a long list of feature films, shorts, commercials, theater roles, and improvisational productions; ever-expanding his repertoire but perhaps being known for his impeccable comedic timing. But there’s more to Koushik than his comic persona. When he’s in a drama, the comedian disappears, and what’s left is a magnetic, interesting character with depth and emotion. The fact that he can play such a wide range of characters is a testament to the dedication and study he brings to his craft.

The list of workshops, courses, and classes that he participated in to hone his craft speaks to the sincerity and respect he has for acting.

He wasn’t always an actor, however. Born in India, he earned a doctorate in Human Genetics in South Africa, but science wasn’t his first love. As a youngster he had a secret dream of becoming an actor, but instead focused on obtaining an education and worked as a scientist and lecturer.

Once he moved to Los Angeles, his talent and ambition began to open the gates of Hollywood, and he hasn’t looked back. While watching his films, you get the idea he enjoys playing the funny sidekick as well as the charming leading man. Romantic comedies are his strong suit, but he slips just as easily into dramatic, serious roles. He sounds, acts, and looks different from role to role, and this is the hallmark of a good actor. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali, and is often in demand as translator and voice work. Koushik is also quite the talented writer and often writes hilarious skits for his youtube channel entitled an ‘Indian in Hollywood’.

When he isn’t acting or writing, you can find him teaching yoga at 24 Hour Fitness, as yoga has been a big part of his life for over 25 years. For Koushik, it’s a lifestyle, not just a pastime.

He invites you to accompany him on his journey, via YouTube, IMDB, Twitter, Instagram, and other places on the internet.

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