Keeping Up With Actor Bill Houskeeper

Actor Bill Houskeeper

As a child, Hollywood actor Bill Houskeeper must have been a fan of Cal Ripken Jr. Known for having the longest streak of most consecutive games played without taking a break, Housekeeper embodies this spirit. With the drive and determination to make a successful career out of acting, he has never showed any signs of decreasing energy. As in the world of sports, acting can be a cut throat and competitive field making it increasingly difficult for talented actors to find work. Several actors struggle even with the help of agents and managers to secure work. Hoping that they won’t have to give up on their dreams and return home another victim of the vicious beast known as the Hollywood entertainment industry. Housekeeper’s story is the complete contrast to that antiquated tale. Simply put, Bill Houskeeper is a success.

He is quickly becoming one of the busiest working actors in all of Hollywood. Just in the last year Houskeeper has filmed four independent films in addition to the astounding nineteen films he had roles in over the last thirty-six months. A key note is that none of these roles were extra or background work. Most amazing about this feat is the fact he has been able to achieve this all without the guidance or assistance of an agent or manager. This gives him a true edge both financially and conditionally. It proves that he does not need to follow the traditional Hollywood path of giving up his earnings to those around him, but more importantly that he is in fact a true talent because he can secure roles on his own acting merit. He has just recently been cast in a movie named Happy Endings, which makes his 19th SAG film in three years. Obviously, industry professionals from producers to directors are in awe of his performances.

Houskeeper credits some of his success to two of his covenanted industry referrals. One is from Lynn Guthrie. Lynn has won four DGA Awards and has been nominated for an EMMY. The second being Rob Walker. Rob has been nominated for the BAFTA (British Oscar Award). His success has led him to a SAG-AFTRA member as well as an A.E.A. member, both in good standings.

Someone as busy as Bill Houskeeper certainly always has more roles in the near future. Be sure to catch him in Happy Endings as motioned before coming out this year along with The Magician a thrilling horror film recently finished. Or even any of his past films such as Lotto, Showdown in Durango, The Big Ticket and countless other great movies.

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