Katharine McPhee’s KMF Jewelry Line Combines Timeless Elegance with Modern and Unique Pieces

Katharine McPhee Foster launches her KMF Jewelry Pop-up on Rodeo Drive

Katharine McPhee Foster is a woman of many talents. First and foremost, she is a doting mother and wife, as well as being a singer and actress — and her latest venture into the world of jewelry design is no exception. KMF Jewelry (Katharine McPhee Foster) boasts everything from rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that were each carefully thought out and designed by Katharine herself and her creative team.

Stemming from her childhood dream and love of jewelry growing up, Katharine decided to start her very own line which she has been working on for this past year. On Thursday her hard work paid off as she launched her very own pop-up shop on Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills for the public to see for themselves, just how exquisite this line is. With the help of her friend and host Heather Hall, who introduced and dissected every piece of jewelry for a special live taping, Katharine didn’t fail to entertain guests and fans, with her fantastic sense of humor in between takes and even got a visit from her husband David Foster and adorable son Rennie. Also in attendance were Katharine’s mum and sister.

Katharine wearing a few of her favorite pieces from KMF Jewelry.

As mentioned by Heather Hall, there are many celebrities who often start their own line of jewelry but have minimal to do with the creative process, but when it comes to Katharine, she has been there every step of the way during the process and the behind the scenes work it has taken to get to this point. While some of the pieces range anywhere from $50 to over $2000, the quality and elegance of this line is easily up there with its competitors — but with a slightly more affordable price tag. With the holidays coming up and a new year just around the corner, be sure to visit the official KMF Jewelry site to order some gifts for your friends and family, or even treat yourself (like I just did) by ordering the Shades of Pink Sterling Silver Necklace.

For more about these beautiful pieces, visit:

Katharine McPhee Jewelry | Women’s Jewelry Online Shop — KMF Jewelry



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