Junyi Zhang, Taking Her Artistic Talents And Creativity Around The World

Junyi Zhang is an artist. We don’t say that lightly, even though there are many levels of artists. Some people are called artists who have very limited skills but they continually strive to create beauty. Others call themselves artists who have a certain amount of skill and create noteworthy artistic pieces and still others, like Junyi Zhang, who are at the top of the artistic chain, have unlimited skill that has been honed through years of practice, education and work and create incredibly beautiful things on a daily basis. There are, of course, more levels of artists but we are focusing on Junyi Zhang’s art and work.

She is from China and earned a BFA in 2D Animation at the China Academy of Art in Hang Zhou. She came to the United States a few years ago and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia on a SCAD Honors Grad Scholarship. She obtained a MFA there in Animation. Ever since leaving college, Junyi Zhang has been working steadily in the animation field of the entertainment industry. One of her most noteworthy projects was when she worked at Dreameast Pictures. She was the background designer and painter for their mega animation hit Valt the Wonder Deer, and later served as the concept artist for Dreameast’s development projects. Valt the Wonder Deer in 2017, won the award for Best Original Content and was nominated at the China Silk Road International Art Festival for the National Animation Special Award.

It also has been selected as a special project of Beijing Film and Television Publishing and Creation Fund of Beijing Press. The play currently has 70 million hits on Tencent Video, with a score of 9.3 and has landed on 574 platforms across the country in China, with a total of 600 million views. The work is not only broadcast on provincial and municipal satellite TV, but is also widely reported on Xinhua net, Yahoo, Sina and other national and world-class media. It has been translated into French, Portuguese and other languages and broadcast overseas.

Junyi is currently enjoying her work experience at Rough Draft Studio as a background design artist. She worked on Disenchantment, which is playing on Netflix and Fired on Mars which will play on HBO-Max and Futurama which will play on Hulu. Junyi Zhang’s work and talent has won her many kudos and awards. In China, she was acknowledged for her “Graduate Work award in China Academy of Art,” and “Demonstration of the Best Graduate Project.”

In the United States, she was awarded the “SCAD Honors Grad Scholarship” (Savannah College of Art and Design). Her Project was selected for SCAD’s promotional show reel. Her lighting project “Mood” was also selected for SCAD’s show reel.Her bachelor graduated animation short film “WE” was the runner-up for the 2010, 10th Anniversary Animation Academy Award. It also became the official selection for the 2010 SIGGRAPH China, Chinese Student Animation Show, and Junyi won the 2010, 13th National University Students Master Designer Award. In 2009 she was awarded the Certificate of Chongli Art Prize, and won the Collection Prize for Graduation Creative Works.




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