Jeff Bridges Talks About His Documentary ‘Living In The Future’s Past’

Sam Rubin Talks To Jeff Bridges And Director Susan Kucera

Jeff Bridges award-winning documentary is a way of looking into our future and start taking action today, towards making a better environment for ourselves and our planet. At Live Talks LA, the audience was treated to a 5 minute preview of ‘Living In The Future’s Past’, which was beautifully shot with Jeff Bridges narrating and directed by Susan Kucera. The documentary, gives an inside look into the changes and problems our earth is facing as well as an input from scientists, psychologists and anthropologists.

The documentary which was released in 2017, with a running time of 85 minutes is very educational to those wanting to know more about preserving and enhancing what we have. In this current day and age, it is easy to go on about our every day lives without paying attention to the seriousness our earth is facing -but watching ‘Living In The Future’s Past’, it will help those who weren’t believers of climate change and the importance of our food chain and animal kingdom to really get a grip of what’s happening. A great watch!

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Bollard (Interviewer/Writer)

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