Italian Actor Ludovico Torri Continues International Success

Ludovico Torri, the very talented actor from Carrara, Italy, can do no wrong when he picks the films he performs in. They are all either nominated for awards or outright, hands down winners. He played “Joey” in the short film The First Boy I Loved, and it was nominated Best Drama at the prestigious Global Film Awards. This festival has been honoring achievements in TV, Film, Video and New Media since 2003 and has been attracting the veteran filmmakers as well as newcomers to compete each year.

The First Boy I Loved won the Best Drama award at the Festigous Film Festival and won the same honors at the Los Angeles Film Awards, which is one of the highest rated film festivals on FilmFreeway. Another festival also voted The First Boy I Loved the Best Drama prize: Top Shorts Film Festival. By the way, top Shorts is commonly known as the leading online film festival and it placed eighth Best Reviewed Festival out of over 4,000 of the world’s best film festivals. The First Boy I Loved was written and directed by Maggie Le.

The music video Bob In The Rain And The Lizard Of Hope saw Ludovico portrayed the character “Pier.” This movie was written and directed by Maria Chiara Venturini who just had another of her films, Fosca, selected to play at the Venice Film Festival.

Bob In The Rain And The Lizard Of Hope won the Best Short Award at the MystiCon Independent Film Festival and was given the Best Music Video prize at the Feel The Reel International Film Festival. It also was honored with Best Short Film honors at the Filmstrip International Film Festival and Best Music Video at the Monthly Film Festival. It received high praise and great reviews and was nominated for Best Web Short at the Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest and was also nominated at the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival.

Ludovico played “Dr. L.” in the short film Fairweather. This film was nominated for “Best Short” in three very prestigious international film festivals: The Euro Shorts International Film Festival, The London Independent Film Festival and the Los Angeles Cinefest. The writer and director of Fairwhether, Vittoria Rizzardi Peñalosa was also nominated at the Cannes Film Festival, Clermont Film Festival and the New York City Film Festival.

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