Inspirational And Talented Film Producer Gonzalo Tarragona

“The most valuable lesson learned along my journey is that there is no obstacle big enough to stop us in our way if we have enough passion for overcoming them.” Gonzalo Tarragona, the film producer, said that. He knows from personal experience and observation the many pitfalls that can throw people off their intended path. His passion for storytelling and film production kept him going no matter what got in his way.

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Gonzalo earned a degree in economics. However, since early childhood he had always loved going to movies with his family and had wondered what it would be like to actually work in the film and entertainment industry. At first, he wasn’t sure that his knowledge of economics could merge or blend in with his drive to be in the movie business but he soon found out that economics was the perfect element that a film producer needs to understand both the business and the creative sides of the motion picture business.

He made the decision to go into film production and pursued a Master’s Degree in Film Business, Marketing, Distribution, and International Sales and another one in Line Producing at ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema I Audiovisuals de Catalunya).

Being in the production department gave him a new perspective on movies and filmmaking. He immersed himself in the business side of films and realized that the creative side needed the business side and vice-versa. One helped the other get the project completed. He worked on several feature films in Spain and then moved to Los Angeles to study Production at UCLA’s Extension program. After graduating, he began producing opening title sequences, music videos, commercials, and short films. He continued to develop his passion for films in a collaborative environment and has worked with talented directors such as Silvia Grav or Eno Freedman, photographers like Jorge Grau de Corral or Spanish duo Hunter & Gatti and artists from Allison Russell to Japanese artist Warbear.

The main obstacle that Gonzalo ran directly into when he came to California was the Coronavirus pandemic. It seemed to bring almost everything to a sudden halt, especially in the film industry. Being a newcomer to the city and the American work culture and way of life was difficult enough, but trying to socialize, network and find his own path in the industry was not an easy task. It has not been a smooth road, but Gonzalo has overcome those challenges and continues to press on and work as a producer. He honestly believes that there is no good or bad experience as long as it shapes us, and we learn from them.



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