Immersing Herself In Her Passion For Acting Annika Pallasch

Annika Pallasch- Photo by: William Terry

Annika Pallasch, the German actress, has a pretty long resumé and she’s only been a professional thespian for a few years. Of course, she fell in love with movies and TV shows when she was eleven years old and that spurred her on to watch even more films along with the popular TV series The Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, which she was mesmerized by as a girl. She was totally captivated by that “other” world and she loved the idea of being able to take someone’s pain and worries completely away for an hour at a time.

The fantastical and pretend existence seemed real enough for Annika when she was a girl and so she simply immersed herself in all things theatre, film and acting and learned many of the legendary acting techniques and was taught by a lot of great teachers. She studied everything from improv and classical acting methods to on-camera acting, script analysis and film history. Of course, all that schooling was a long time ago and since then, through her years in Los Angeles, she has established herself as a highly talented and professional actress who can play any role and any character.

She has been in countless movies, including, Strings, The Bandit Hound and I Hate L.A. among others. She’s also performed in numerous highly praised and award-winning short films such as, Gooned, The Text, Like A Butterfly, So What Happened To Me Yesterday, The Perfect Edge, Brothers and Your Ghost, to name just a few.

Annika is also a talented and in-demand voice over artist. She did the German Voice Over for Brady Worldwide, Inc., along with Carolina’s Pferdewelt. She is no stranger to commercials and hosting either. Annika did a spot for Cricket Wireless, which was The Unexpected John Cena Prank, and recently she hosted videos for children on German Youtube for Project First America.

Besides TV, movies, hosting and commercials, Annika has done her fair share of Theatrical stage plays too. She played Milton in All In The Timing, Cinderella in Happily Whatever After, Pozzo in Waiting for Godot and among many other stage roles, Annika portrayed Amorettchen in Furchtet Euch Nicht.

Black Spider-Man is a web series in which she plays Stacy Gwennifer, one of her favorite roles to date. She’s been playing it for three years now and she also produces it, which means that she not only has a vested interest in the show but she puts her whole being into the production. She and her team are working on more episodes of Black Spider-Man and we can’t wait to see them.

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