Ido Sagir Taking His Passion for Music All Over the World

Ido Sagir on stage doing what he loves -playing music.

Don’t we all wish we could be doing something we really loved for a living? Some of us do, maybe even many of us, but not all of us. Probably because so many of us don’t find our true passion until we’re a bit older and by then it’s extremely difficult to explain to your spouse and kids that you’re going off to follow your passion and you hope they will be okay without you. Well, lucky for us that we can enjoy the product of other people’s passion. Yes, I’m talking about Ido Sagir, the Israeli musician whose music captivates audiences and movie goers across the country and overseas.

He discovered his passion for music when he was a young teenager in Israel. When he started playing the guitar –that was pretty much everything to him -except learning other instruments like the Oud and Saz, which are Middle Eastern lute-like pieces. Ido moved to Southern California and had no trouble finding work and now he is one busy musician who plays with well-known musicians like Ronny W and Jesse J’s touring band. He also has a CV that is so long and so full of his performances that you can get pretty tired reading it before you even scroll down half way. It’s basically a road map of a successful musician who has immersed himself in the music world.

He’s worked on movie soundtracks, commercials, video games (yes, video games -they need music too), studio albums and he’s worked with a lot of LA. musicians who need a guitar recording for their songs. He has shows lined up at local Los Angeles venues where he is playing his own original music and songs and he continues to play guitar for several bands in and out of the recording studio.

Ido is also a tribute artist and he had a highly praised show in Israel where he performed Middle-Eastern renditions of Beatles songs using the ethnic instruments Oud and Saz. He definitely appreciates playing the Beatles’ songs in their original form but having the opportunity to play them in a manner that was authentic to his own culture was something that he always wanted to do. The show was a hit and the Beatles would have been proud of him for interpreting them the way he did. Ido’s advice for aspiring artists: Success is when you play your best and give your all each time you perform. Success is a result of an inner connection to your music -it is a byproduct of passion and dedication.

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