Holly Cameron -Unleashed!

Holly Cameron is a hot singer/songwriter whose music has been generating a lot of buzz from across the Atlantic. Prior to her recent success writing songs for some of the industry’s greatest names, her debut EP, ‘Unleash The Panda’ (released under her performer name YahYah), topped the iTunes UK Pop Charts at #30. Her new single is due in the summer of 2018.

Throughout her successful career as a songwriter, Holly has worked with numerous other established writers who have worked with Grammy award winning singers and musicians. Namely, Holly wrote a popular song and has collaborated with Anita McCloud, who is known for her work with the likes of Usher and TLC. Just some of Holly’s collaborators include Pam Sheyne, who has worked with Christina Aguilera, as well as Josh Valle, who has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Sia, and Justin Bieber.

Holly was born in New Zealand but has called London home for the past twelve years. Music has been Holly’s passion since early childhood. Piano lessons lead to an interest in songwriting. At the age of thirteen, Holly was the lead singer of her high school band.

Inspired by musical theatre, Holly performed songs from musicals like Les Miserables and Wicked. The R&B music of Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight and Aaliyah influenced Holly’s career. Formally trained in singing, piano, flute, guitar and bass, Holly studied at Tech Music School, in London.

To date, Holly prides herself on her collaborations with Anita McCloud and Pam Sheyne, who have written songs for Usher, TLC and Christina Aguilera.

“To be able to have worked with such established, talented songwriters and artists was a huge moment for me. I’ve been fortunate to have contributed to their songs.”

The highlights of Holly’s career include the independent release of her debut EP, ‘Unleash The Panda’, that charted at #30 on the UK iTunes pop chart in November 2015. The first song Holly released as a songwriter, ‘Summer High’, for artist Chantelle Paige, became a popular hit on the app Musical.ly, with tens of millions of plays. In addition, she co-wrote Corbette Jackson’s tracik ‘Open Door’, which rose to #27 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts in November 2017. In 2018, Holly wrote the hit single ‘Two Hands’ for the popular Nashville-based musical artist, Daani.

Holly Cameron’s true passion has always been singing and songwriting. Her advice to fellow artists:

“Never give up. To keep going. Lots of people take themselves out of the running by quitting and getting back to a comfortable nine to five job. Continue to keep the mentality that you’ve never arrived and hold onto your passion to keep learning, then you’ll make it.”

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