Henry Winkler Talks About His Upcoming Movie ‘The French Dispatch’ In Theaters July 24th

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Photo credit: Brian for The Paley Center For Media

On February 12th, The Paley Center For Media honored Henry Winkler for his incredible work over the years on stage, TV and film including such shows as the iconic ‘Happy Days’ (which is celebrating it’s 45th anniversary) and the Emmy Award-Winning ‘Barry’ on HBO.

Henry Winkler also shared his excitement about his upcoming movie ‘The French Dispatch’ directed by Wes Anderson -which he mentions as being one of his favorite projects to work on so far. The movie is based around the French publication ‘Charente Libre’ and revolves around a collection of stories behind it’s final issue set in a fictional 20th-century French city.

This quirky and informative movie which was cleverly written and directed also stars Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, Angelica Huston and others -and is set to be released July 24th.

Thank you to The Paley Center For Media and The Beverly Wilshire Hotel for this wonderful event honoring the great Henry Winkler -and check out a trailer for ‘The French Dispatch’ below:

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