Handsome And Talented Actor Christian Gnecco Quintero- The Actor’s Actor

“Dare to fail and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.”

With the looks of a young Bale or Day-Lewis, and an assertive philosophy all his own, drop-dead gorgeous Christian Gnecco Quintero is a bag of contradictions. A lot of handsome boys go into acting because they know they can make a buck and become famous. Christian does it because he was born to do it. He’s known since he played “Peter Pan” as a boy in his native town Puebla in Mexico — even when he dressed in his parents’ clothes before that — that acting is a deep part of his identity. And he was willing to put in the hard work and study, which earned him off-Broadway roles, a Bachelor’s in Fine Art in Acting from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, and theatre awards.

His star has blazed an amazing trail that any actor would envy, jumping from play to film, then film to play, then making the festival rounds and attending openings. It’s all part of his acting craft, and he loves doing it.

When it comes to advice to aspiring actors, he recommends being positive, patient, work hard, make connections, and get some training.

Good advice. Not many actors these days can walk into an audition or onto a set without some form of dramatic education or experience. The competition is fierce, and the training, or lack of, will show on the stage or screen. He advises young performers to be themselves, and bring their uniqueness to each character.

Obviously Christian practices what he preaches, because he has a list of films that will be making the festival circuit, like “The Unholy War”, “Man from the South”, “Numb”, “Ahimsa”, “Served”. All of his characters vary from one another, he makes each his own, and he has more on the way.

Keeping up with his youthful energy and chameleon-like acting style is a challenge for the viewers. When he isn’t dancing comically in the air in “The Drowsy Chaperone”, he’s making you cry, cringe, and bit your nails in “The Unholy War”. A pleasure to watch, regardless of the role.

Drama, romantic comedy, action-adventure, Broadway style — name your vehicle, because there is no type-casting with Christian.

When a talent is this hot, all you can do is get out of his way.

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