Hall & Oates And Train Perform Their Catchy New Single ‘Philly Forget Me Not’

Daryl Hall, Pat Monahan and John Oates Appear At ‘Daryl’s House’ For An Exclusive Performance Of Their New Single ‘Philly Forget Me Not’

Daryl’s House the restaurant and music venue home to many world class performers (as part of Live From Daryl’s House in New York), held an exclusive live stream performance by Hall & Oates and Pat Monahan of Train. The guys recently collaborated on the Philadelphia inspired single Philly Forget Me Not -a feel good catchy song that has already garnered almost 51,000 views combined on youtube in only a number of days. The single is the first in 15 years by Hall & Oates, so fans from all over the world are thrilled to be celebrating the release of new music by the best selling charting duo of all time.

One of the most memorable lyrics in Philly Forget Me Not is “I remember Rich Girl in the Summer like yesterday”, which of course, takes many of us back to that carefree time of the 70s when Hall & Oates released their famous hit, followed by a string of others. The vocals of Pat Monahan, (who has always been a fan of Hall & Oates) blend well with Daryl Hall and John Oates, while at the same time showcasing and complimenting their individual styles. The exclusive performance streamed which was by iHeart Radio also featured songs from Train and other classic Hall & Oates songs, which they both performed together on stage.

Listen To ‘Philly Forget Me Not’ On Youtube

Next month, fans will get the best of both worlds, when Hall & Oates will be joined by Train on their tour which kicks off in Sacramento CA, May 1st and concluding August 11th in Seattle WA.

Link below to download ‘Philly Forget Me Not’:

For tickets to the Hall & Oates and Train concert go to:

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