Hall & Oates And Train Bring The House Down With An Amazing Concert At The Forum In LA

Hall & Oates put on yet another spectacular concert as part of their tour with Train at The Forum in LA this past Tuesday night -(Train later joined the guys on stage for a few songs as well, after their own set).

Both shows featured amazing digital/interchanging backgrounds, which brought each song to life -and gave the audience some eye-catching visuals throughout the night. Train performed the crowd favorites including ‘Meet Virginia’ and the beautiful ‘Drops of Jupiter’ while covering a spot-on version of ‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin -which many bands find hard to pull off.

By the time Hall & Oates hit the stage, the audience was fully pumped and ready to see their favorite hits performed live including; ‘I Can’t Go For That’, ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’, ‘Rich Girl’ and many others. As always, Daryl Hall sounded amazing with his pure vocals and range and incomparable skills on the keyboards -while John Oates’ vocals and guitar playing, blended perfectly with Daryl on stage, sounding almost identical to their records.

What was even more fascinating, was the age group of the audience, spanning from children as young as 5 years old, to people in their 70’s+ -which goes to show that these type of bands and music are timeless -and mean something to people of all ages.

Personally for me, The Forum is by far, better than any other venue in LA that I’ve watched a concert in -and a place I would definitely recommend watching your favorite artist perform.

All in all, a fantastic and memorable night! Thank you to The Forum, Wolfson Entertainment Inc and Scoop Marketing.

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