Giving The Best To Her Clients With Her Exceptional Work, Makeup Artist Raquel Reis

Makeup Artist Raquel Reis

Raquel Reis — Make-up Artist. That’s for sure. Raquel is a real working make-up artist who does her very best to make the actors in the productions she works on look the best that they can look. And she succeeds every single time. Raquel has worked on scores of projects including, films, music videos, commercials and photo shoots. She is an established and highly experienced make-up artist who works on actors and actresses and models and does beauty makeup along with special effects.

Raquel has always been interested in the arts. Her mother was involved in arts and her father was into computers. Perhaps that happy melding of two extremes on opposite sides of the human spectrum guided Raquel to be a ballet and jazz dancer until she was 17 and then go to college to get a degree in psychology. It sounds perfectly logical to us after adding up her background influences. Of course, makeup, the beautiful way in which she applies it that is, has always been part of her life, she only threw herself into it completely in the last few years when she decided to go to the Gorgeous Academy in Los Angeles. After that, she started working with other great artists and she has been in demand ever since.

Her long resumé gives her and brands her as an established make-up artist. There are simply too many films, commercials and music videos, along with runway events to name them all here in this limited space. However, we would like to mention that she won two very prestigious awards for Best Makeup at the International Independent Film Awards and the LA Short Awards for the film Becoming Lucy. Some of the other films she has done wonders for are: A Dirty Story, Feminist Boyfriend a TV movie, Hollow Me, LA Dreamer, Shady Bishes, The Series, TV Movie, 5 Minutes, Are You an Idiot? TV Movie, March Comes After April, Holy Sh**, Mary, TV Series, Broken Teeth, Becoming Lucy, The Red Thread, Blouse & Skirt, Meat and among many, many more, Drop By Drop.

Raquel is a very focused make-up artist and dives into her job with a passion that is rare for many people. She is an artist and when actors look in the mirror after she finishes with them they always seem to hesitate for a moment or two before they leave. It’s as though they can’t quite believe the subtle transformation that just happened when they put their trust in Raquel Reis.




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