From Van to Trailer

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”

I’m not sure if Mark Twain had the foresight that his quote above would pertain to the life of Julia Wahle, but it truly captures her courage and perseverance in her early twenties.

She left her safe harbor in Europe and caught the trade winds to Hollywood. It’s almost as if she didn’t choose to be the artist she is, but the life of an artist chose her.

Julia Wahle

And she knew she wanted a career in the music industry. I mean, she majored in Music Industry and Media Business Management at London Metropolitan University. And she killed it during her undergraduate. She graduated with honors because of her passion and professional focus. Most people in their twenties can’t stop, won’t stop partying. Ms. Wahle took on an internship at Polydor Records, Universal Music. They realized they had a whiz kid on their hands so they put her in charge of digital marketing campaigns for musicians such as Robin Thicke and The 1975.

After finishing school she went to the Big Apple and was introduced to music synchronization for film/television while working for The Orchard one of the biggest independent music distributors of our time. She called an old colleague from school in London and pitched him, Lorenzo Cosci, the idea of starting their own music trailer business. He said yes, so they took the next flight to Los Angeles to bring their expertise in music and business savvy minds.

Ms. Wahle started out living in a van down by the LA River upon her arrival to tinsel town. And it wasn’t to pay tribute to the late Chris Farley and his infamous Matt Foley character he did on Saturday Night Live. She lived in a van because that was what needed to be done as she embarked on her career. She made van life look efficient before all the hipsters with stocking caps on in 90 degree weather from Silverlake made it a cool thing to do. She’d scramble to find last minute showers before attending pitch meetings. Eventually her company, SIIX Trailer Music and Sound, landed their first gig designing sound for the trailer on the film, Assassins Creed.

After they released the trailer, the music sync industry took notice and started employing the two for producing the sound in trailers such as Blade Runner 2049, Avengers Endgame, and Mission Impossible: Fall Out.

During Blade Runner 2049, she waited for the stamp of approval from walking legend Harrison Ford for the trailer they created. Is that a life highlight of hers? Yes, but she acted clutch like Michael Jordan shooting a gamer winner in the 90’s. She’s clutch because she belongs in this industry and they are lucky to have her.

She balled out on six out of ten of the highest grossing feature films for two years in a row. The trailer her company created for Mission Impossible: Fall Out became the number one trending viral video on a little old website called YouTube. She’s a boss and she’s just getting started. The success on the YouTube views contributed to the commercial success of the movie as shown by box office revenue totaling over seven hundred and ninety million dollars worldwide. It also pleased the good ol’ folks at Paramount because it was their most successful film in the past decade. That’s 10 years and Paramount produces many features so yea… she’s a boss.

Currently in 2019, the film campaigns Julia had previously worked for received twenty Clio Entertainment Awards and fifteen Golden Trailer Award nominations. Julia herself was nominated for a Music + Sound Award as well. A category in her industry I see her dominating in her bright future.

Especially in an industry dominated by males. The industry needs brilliant, cultured minds such as Julia Wahle. The cream will rise to the top and I hope for the sake of art and humanity Los Angeles gets to keep this gem.

Beyond her career, Julia thrives in social situations and voices for equal rights to all. Ms. Wahle donates three percent of her income after working for features to philanthropic causes. And she flat out listens. Like, she really listens to what people say. A sociologist would label Julia an active listener. Which means she’s a problem solver. We need as many people like her as we can have in the entertainment/music industry to produce the most creative of collaborations. She’s a great human being but also an asset to the creative arts. I am happy she made it out of the Dodge van and where she belongs in the film trailer industry.

By: Joseph Dean Olson



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