From ‘The Bachelor’ to a Simpler Life -An Interview with Jesse Csincsak

The Bachelor’s Jesse Csincsak, his wife Ann Lueders and their beautiful family, in Colorado.

We recently caught up with Jesse Csincsak from Season 4’s The Bachelor. He gave us an insight into living a simple life with his family to his plans for the future and whether he would still be up for anymore TV work. Here is what he had to say:

Hi Jesse, first of all it is great to meet you. A lot of people may recognize you from The Bachelor Season 4, but there are a lot of other things about you that the public may not know. For starters, you are also a professional snowboarder and founded the nonprofit organization JSAK Snowboarding -raising money for snowboarders to receive training etc. Why did you decide to come up with this particular idea? Is it because there a lack of funding in snowboarding for aspiring snowboarders?

I started (JSAK) Just Snowboarding Ambitious Kids to raise money for riders who were very talented but didn’t have the sponsorship dollars to back them. 90% of the talent in snowboarding is sponsorless and with a little bit of funding it can take you a long way.

What do you remember of your time on The Bachelor and also how did you first become involved with the show?

I was just finishing filming an episode of MTV Made where I turned a cheerleader into a Snowboarder and I got the call. At first I thought I was on the famous MTV (PUNKED) Show hosted by Ashton Kutcher, but after them buying my plane ticket and me flying out to LA to be cast, I quickly realized it was really not LOL.

You also happened to marry Ann Lueders who was on the thirteenth season of The Bachelor, which is pretty amazing. How did that come about?

After getting off ABC’s the Bachelorette and becoming single again I quickly realized that there were a lot of women who had gone on the show who were also single and could understand what I was going through. So I started to reach out to past contestants from the show and began to invite them to the reunions I hosted twice a year around the US and Ann just happened to come on the first cruise I hosted to Mexico and the rest is history.

How do you feel your life has changed from before The Bachelor compared to now? Do you feel it has opened a lot more doors for you?

Going on that show never used to be about anything other than falling in love. Now its kind of a pretty big joke year after year, the same antics and stunts being pulled by the producers on the cast. Its like watching something on repeat with different faces, so its a blessing and a curse to have been on that show. The blessing is that you can use it to get meetings etc with people or places you never otherwise may have been able to. However its a curse because forever you will always be known as the guy from that show. Its like breaking your arm and having to explain the story for life even though you may not be married to the person you were on the show with. That tends to get old for the rest of your life.

What were the biggest challenges for you being thrown into overnight fame, did it get a little crazy at times?

The biggest challenge with overnight fame is the mental side. Everyone who never used to talk to you all of a sudden wants to be your best friend. You are thrown into this world of not knowing who to trust and who is really your friend.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to take my 3 kids to national parks all over the US. Go camping, shoot guns of all kinds and of course snowboard and snowmobile.

What are your plans for the future? Have you ever been interested in anymore TV work?

Plans for the Future… Hmmmm Yes. I want to take the family on a Disney cruise to Alaska, build or buy a log home near a ski area to enjoy. Keep building the business empire for my 3 kids to one day take over and run lol.
As for TV, I would love to do another TV show but one that made sense for our family. Maybe a show that was a mix of Duck Dynasty and Fixer Upper. My wife and I own businesses, we have 3 kids under the age of 7 with 3 Siberian huskies running around. Needless to say it would be a lot of fun to watch our American train wreck, once a week LOL.

Last but not least, what would your advice be to up and coming artists when jumping into a career in entertainment?

Advice for someone jumping into a career in entertainment…It would be to be yourself! Don’t change who you are for anyone no matter what! Be so awesome in real life people want to get plastic surgery to look like you! Never forget where you came from and be humble !

Thanks so much for your time and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Thanks so much for the interview Amber I really appreciate it.

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