French Actor Marc Dujarric Speaking His Truth Through Performing

“Learn your lines, find your mark, look them in the eyes and tell them the truth.” That is a very practical quote from the late, great actor James Cagney. The French actor Marc Dujarric always keeps in mind this concise advice along with his own prescription for success: “Work, work, and work some more.” He firmly believes that acting is a craft that can be learned, studied and improved upon by putting in the necessary work and effort.

Although some people may have more inherent talent than others, talent can only make the soul shine if it’s combined with effort. Like so many of his successful actor peers, Marc immersed himself in the formal study of all things acting. He attended the famous acting school in Paris, Les Cours Florent for three years where he trained in everything from singing, improv and clowning, to studying Acting in English.

He performed in classical and modern plays in both French and English. He has also passionately explored the Meisner approach with Jack Waltzer and Anthony Montes and enrolled at James Franco’s school Studio 4.

Apparently, with true professionals like Marc, ongoing study and the constant improvement of one’s art and skills never ends. He also extended his exploration of Meisner at Simplicius in France and felt that he really bloomed
under the tutelage of Niki Flacks. He then branched out and trained in Stand-up comedy and even taught modern African Dances. He speaks five languages, with French and English being the most fluent and then comes Japanese, Russian and German.

Marc has been featured in many stage productions and numerous TV series and films. Some of the TV series he has been in are: The Intern, is about a former farmer who earns a law degree and moves to Marseille after he has been falsely imprisoned, and Marc plays the man at the center of the murder case. Munch, is about an extraordinary lawyer, who will cross all lines, even those of illegality, to defend innocent people who are accused of crimes. Marc also acted in Lien de Sang, directed by Sébastien Milhou, for TF1, the French 1 st network. He played Luc, the ghost brother who returns to reunite with his family after his father’s death. In 2016, he starred in Ma Maison de Campagne, directed by Nicolas Filali.

He played Gaspard, the grounded apiculture neighbor who steals the heart of the heroin. He also starred in Plus Belle La Vie, the most watched French TV shows of the past 15 years, for 26 episodes on France3, the 3rd main French network. He portrayed Marc Portez an egocentric dealer for an exclusive clientele in nightclubs. And among many other shows, he was in Nicolas le Floch, a kind of CSI under Louis The 15th , directed by Philippe Bérenger. Marc’s enormous talent and acting skills always garner him high praise and great reviews from critics and audiences alike.




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