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What an interesting story we heard the other day. No, not that one, the other one about the young woman from India who traveled all the way from her home country to come to the United States to work in the film industry. She had worked on a great deal of films in India, in Mumbai, or Bollywood as it is known throughout the world, so she had a lot of experience with, just about every phase of filmmaking.

Her name is Roona Mukhopadhyay and at one time or another she had worked at almost every job there is in the process of getting a film off the ground. Initially, when she was attending college, she did talk shows, was a news anchor and performed in live theatre. Then she won the leading actress role in a feature film and that’s when she realized that film and entertainment would be her life-long career.

After that first film, Roona got more parts in films and since she was also very interested in the process of movie making, she took on various positions in the production side of big Bollywood films and then she made the move to Hollywood — the traditional film capital of the world. (Bollywood also claims that title just because of the sheer volume of films that are produced in Mumbai each year, but Hollywood was the first and still is considered by most to be the heart of the realm of movie making).

When she landed in California, Roona enrolled in the prestigious New York Film Academy and earned a Masters degree in Filmmaking. While there she worked on countless high quality short films and she even got to work on a Universal Studios sound stage. She is an exceptional director and producer and can handle a camera like a pro — because she is a pro-fessional filmmaker.

Her CV enunciates each and every job she has done, which seems endless, so we will just throw out a few more production jobs that Roona excels at: Assistant Director, Production Manager, Location Manager, Editor, Writer, Cinematographer, Casting Director and Production Coordinator, among many other things. All of this adds up to one very talented, knowledgeable and driven filmmaker who obviously knows what she’s doing. Roona is currently living and working in Los Angeles and we can’t wait to se what she does next.

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