Fan-Made Naya Rivera Vigil To Take Place On August 1st At Lake Piru

Fans of the late Naya Rivera, who tragically drowned on July 8th in Ventura County’s Lake Piru -will have the chance to pay their final respects to her at a fan-made vigil taking place on August 1st. In no way affiliated with her family, the vigil organized by @Nayaarmy on Twitter will also abide by state mandated rules, where all attending must wear masks and practice social distancing. The service will start at 5 pm and for those planning on going, you must remain in your cars, while given a number which will allow guests 5 minutes to leave flowers or cards and pay their respects to Naya.

Naya Rivera, who touched the hearts of many fans around the world -in particularly in her role as Santana Lopez on ‘Glee’, is best remembered for her amazing talents and a kind heart to match, among her peers. Throughout her life as an entertainer and author of the book ‘Sorry Not Sorry -Dreams, Mistakes And Growing Up’, Naya dealt with many obstacles and challenges over the years, but always managed to rise above and persevere, no matter what. Although her physical presence on earth will forever be missed, her spirit will always be felt by those who loved her and knew her work.

For all updates and information on the Naya Rivera Vigil, follow ‘Naya Army’ on Twitter:




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