Executive Producer of Death Row Chronicles on BET -Mario Diaz

On February 15th, Neuehouse in Hollywood hosted the “Death Row Deconstructed” exhibit and screening for the 6-part series on BET which will premiere on tonight at 10/9c. The exhibit was quite amazing displaying everything from a mixing console, pool tables and souvenir beer bottles which were decorated for the guests and media who had a first hand look inside the world of Death Row Records. The label which was famously run by Marion “Suge” Knight even featured Suge’s famous red suit behind glass as well as videos playing of their artists Tupac and Snoop Dogg. The executive producer of Death row Chronicles, Mario Diaz, shared his thoughts and excitement of what it took to put the footage and docu-series together and how he fought hard to make it happen.

The show will feature interviews with those who were affiliated with the label including Suge Knight, as well as never before seen footage and a compelling first hand account of the tragic murder of arguably the most famous rapper in the world, Tupac Shakur. Death Row Chronicles is sure to be another success for BET as fans and critics will be waiting to see one of the most talked about series premiere tonight at 10pm on BET.

We look forward to it!

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