Ethan Peck Talks About Playing ‘Spock’ On Star Trek Discovery

The new season of Star Trek Discovery on CBS is set for some changes, with a couple of the shows characters Rebecca Romijn and Anson Mount exiting at the end of the season.

Ethan Peck who plays ‘Spock’ on Star Trek Discovery, recently talked about his character at the Paley Festival in Hollywood -and what he loves the most about playing the role. Stating that he likes the “intelligence” of Spock, actor Ethan Peck, mentioned how he wasn’t a huge “treckkie” growing up, but was definitely a fan of science fiction. However, since playing the part of Spock, he has definitely found a new found love for the series.

As the grandson of Gregory Peck, it is easy to see how Ethan has become quite a popular actor himself, with his classic good looks and warm personality -while at the same time, winning a fan base around the world from the CBS hit series.

Star Trek Discovery first aired in September 2017 and is now in its third season. For all the latest episodes and updates, check out:

Entertainment news, features & interviews by Amber Claire.

Entertainment news, features & interviews by Amber Claire.