Emma B. George Showcases Her Talent In The Stage Performance Of ‘The Wasp’

Emma B. George

Born in Ireland, Emma B. George pursued a Masters of Pharmacy degree from Brighton University before an acting career in Los Angeles. As a graduate and alumnus of the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater, Emma excelled in starring theater roles. She was featured in: ‘Two Days’, in the role of Kate, directed by Oscar winner, Milton Justice, ‘Five Women Wearing The Same Dress’, in the role of Mindy, directed by Christopher Thornton and ‘In the Wake’, as Ellen, directed by Bonnie McNeil.

Emma’s favorite role was her performance in ‘Five Women Wearing the Same Dress’. “It was an amazing role to get. I will treasure it forever.” She will then appear in ‘The Wasp’ on stage for six nights in both London and Dublin. Written by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, the play. “finds humor in the darkest of moments and also finds heartbreak in quite light moments.”

‘The Wasp’ questions how we as people, carry our childhood experiences and to what lengths we are willing to go in order to come to terms with them from our past. From the stage in Los Angeles to London and Ireland, Emma B. George carries her own experiences and strives to great lengths to follow her passion as an actor.



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