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The Gifted Emer Kinsella

Emer was just two and a half when she held her first classical violin. From there her life in music began. Born in Dublin, Ireland, she went on to earn an MFA in film scoring at Columbia College Chicago. A classically trained violinist, composer and songwriter, her credits include working alongside Johnny Klimek during the film Jungle, which stars Daniel Radcliffe.

In addition to that film, she worked on the Wachowskis’ Netflix show, Sense8, where she used her violin to add layers of texture and an ambience of mystery. Experimentation is in her nature, evidenced by the way she merges new sounds and atmospheres.

Some of the award-winning films she’s contributed to include Rachel Rosen’s Setting Son, and Alex Falk’s Real World, which was based in Berlin. Living and working in a variety of cultures like Vienna, London, and Berlin has provided Emer with a wide range of experience and perspective, and this influences her film scoring choices and style. At the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, she was accepted as a winning composer, and will have her score performed live to film by the Helix Collective.

Besides classical music, she has undertaken projects as a composer and violinist in hip hop, improv and other performing arts projects. One such project was Soundproof, where she transformed a 4-story building and its courtyard in Vienna into a concert space that merged music and architecture. She sought to introduce classical music to an urban audience, and succeeded with a sold-out show. This venture was under her Artistmotion umbrella, where she is the artistic director. She organized, wrote, and performed in this ensemble production which was supported by a grant from the city of Vienna.

Currently living in Los Angeles, she has collaborated on numerous films, TV shows, and video game projects. Her experimental instincts lead her into innovative, cutting-edge projects such as composing the music for a VR Opera.

It looks as though Emer is not one to be typecast or pigeon-holed into a particular genre. Whether it’s creating the score for a radio play about a controversial journalist named Elisabeth Thury, or playing the violin for a hip hop production, Emer brings a wealth of skill and art to each project.

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